Squat . Pray . Heal Ya-Nais Thomas

Squat . Pray . Heal Ya-Nais Thomas

I'm Ya-Nais Thomas, and I founded Squat . Pray . Heal on the belief that nurturing your body, spirit, and mind is the key to a balanced and enriched life.

This philosophy was born from my own experiences during a particularly tough time when I found solace and strength in writing my prayers, committing to my workouts, and documenting my journey.

It's this personal transformation that inspired me to create a space where others could also find healing and empowerment.

Squat Pray Heal isn't just a fitness regimen; it's a personal commitment to growth in all aspects of life. I know firsthand that the road to healing is not linear, which is why I've developed a program that supports you in strengthening your body, deepening your faith, and healing your spirit, all intertwined."

Ya-Nais Thomas

YaNais Thomas

Ya-Nais Thomas Personal Trainer

As a certified fitness trainer with a rich history in athletics and various roles in the fitness industry, including as a Health and Wellness Director and my transformative time at 9Round, I've developed a training approach that's as effective as it is energizing.

My passion is to motivate and push you beyond your limits, knowing that with the right support and the right soundtrack, anything is possible.

What I Offer Empower Your Journey: Journal, Apparel, and Personalized Training

Squat Pray Heal Journal: This journal is a key part of our practice, a space for you to write down your prayers, track your fitness progress, and reflect on your journey. It's a daily reminder of where you've been and where you're headed.

Fitness Apparel: I believe in wearing your convictions as boldly as you live them. My fitness apparel line is designed to make a statement and spark conversations, whether you're lifting weights or running errands.

Training Programs: Looking for a personal touch or the energy of a group session? I offer both personal training and group classes, including specialized boot camps like the BYOB (Build Your Own Booty) Glute Camp. My programs are crafted to meet you at your level and challenge you to reach new heights.

Daily Journal

SPH Journal Balance Body, Mind, and Spirit: A 31-Day Journey

"Squat. Pray. Heal. Prayer & Workout Journal" is a holistic journal designed to nurture the mind, body, and spirit. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of these aspects, advocating for a balanced focus on all three to lighten life's burdens. This 31-day journal integrates scriptures from the New International Version of the Bible, encouraging a deeper connection with God. Each day includes simple, adaptable workouts suitable for home or gym environments, requiring only light and heavier dumbbells.

The journal provides space for daily reflections – to write about the day's events, whether they're positive or challenging. It also includes a section for expressing gratitude, helping users acknowledge and appreciate life's blessings, big or small. This practice of gratitude, combined with daily prayer and physical exercise, aims to establish a routine that balances spiritual growth, physical fitness, and emotional well-being. The journal's philosophy is encapsulated in a quote about the power of writing as a divine gift, enhancing the expression of one's heart under the Holy Spirit's guidance.

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Testimonials Real People, Real Stories


Sessions with Nais, you will definitely feel the results! I enjoy working out with Nais because she is upbeat and encouraging. You can tell that she is passionate about helping you reach your fitness goal.

I know for some, certain workouts can feel intimidating but Nais will make you feel comfortable and motivate you to keep going.

Jasmine H.

Nais is, hands down, the best trainer I've ever worked with. As the head trainer at my local 9Round for years, her unique blend of intensity, encouragement, and a fun attitude set her apart from any other trainer I've encountered, both then and now.

Nais possesses a rare drive and her enthusiasm is truly infectious. She's simply the best.

Chris R.

The workouts with Nais are quick and incredibly effective. Each session leaves you feeling stronger and more energized. Nais's exceptional motivation and guidance make a noticeable difference.

Her approach ensures a supportive fitness journey. The environment she creates is challenging yet rewarding, with her passion for fitness making every session a unique and anticipated experience.

Enoch B.

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Welcome to Squat . Pray . Heal’s Blog!

Welcome to Squat . Pray . Heal, my unique fitness and wellness platform. I am Ya-Nais Thomas, a dedicated personal trainer with a passion for holistic health. This website isn’t just about physical fitness; it’s a journey that intertwines the strength of the body, the resilience of the spirit, and the power of healing. I…