Squat Pray Heal Prayer & Fitness Journal


“Squat. Pray. Heal. Prayer & Workout Journal” is a 31-day guide dedicated to strengthening your mind, body, and spirit. With daily NIV scriptures, versatile workouts requiring only dumbbells, and spaces for reflection and gratitude, this journal is designed to inspire a closer relationship with God, physical well-being, and inner peace.



Squat. Pray. Heal. The Prayer & Workout Journal is a comprehensive guide for nurturing the entire body—mind, body, and spirit. Acknowledging the powerful connection between all three, this journal empowers you to lift the burdens of life with ease. Over a 31-day period, you’ll be encouraged by scriptures from the New International Version of the Bible, carefully selected to bolster your prayers and draw you closer to God’s truths.

Each page is crafted to deepen your intimacy with God as you navigate life’s journey. The journal includes simple, daily workouts that are adaptable to any setting, whether at home or in the gym. All you need is a light and a heavier set of dumbbells to begin your transformative physical journey. Additionally, it provides a personal space for reflection on the day’s events—be they joyful, challenging, or somewhere in between. Writing down your thoughts can help in processing your experiences.

There is also a dedicated space for gratitude. By recognizing and recording a few grateful moments each day, you maintain an awareness of life’s blessings, both big and small. This act of gratitude helps in anchoring your thoughts in positivity as you end your day.

This journal is designed to cultivate a daily routine that encompasses prayer, physical exercise, and a mental release of daily stresses. Inspired by the idea that “The act of writing is a divine gift to humanity,” this journal encourages expression from the heart, amplified through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. With it, writing becomes a sacred tool for personal growth and spiritual connection.